I teach one on one sessions and small groups in English and German.
The range of private clients include Stadtpolizei Zürich and Teenager for the Sportamt Zürich.

My goal is to

  • Increase awareness in terms of classical alignment and traditional asana practice

  • Increase awareness of breathing

  • Improve well being by mirroring level of awareness in body and mind.

  • Inquiring into the range of motion through a playful approach

  • Challenging comfort zones and point of views - both physical and intellectual

  • Approach all points above from a non-dogmatic point of view.

I'm inspired by different technics, disciplines and therapeutic concepts, maps, structures and ideas such as Yoga, Yoga Thai Massage, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Martial Arts Principles.
I trust in an holistic approach of body, mind and soul - including the great mystery of the unknown.

There is no way - there is only your way.


I'm happy to receive your request for further information.

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